Improve CI/CD Stability with CloudBees and Backtrace

Samy Bahra, CTO and Co-Founder of Backtrace and Chris Saleski, Senior Alliance Marketing Manager, CloudBees will discuss how software development teams are improving CI/CD stability, debugging quicker and delivering quality software faster.  They will delve into the specifics of shortening their feedback loop by automating the way they find, triage, prioritize, and resolve crashes and exceptions.

During this talk, we'll cover:

  • How CloudBees Core allows you to integrate and centrally manage diverse software portfolios
  • Ways to improve your software time to value by compressing software debug time, addressing a major software development pain point
  • Best practices on the collection of error data, prioritizing what matters, and providing context and details to improve resolution time
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Featured Speakers:

Samy Bahra, CTO & Co-Founder, Backtrace

Samy Al Bahra is the cofounder of Backtrace, where he is helping build a modern debugging platform for today’s complex applications. Prior to Backtrace, Samy was a principal engineer at AppNexus, where he his work was instrumental in scaling the system to 18 billion impressions with orders of magnitude in efficiency improvements. At the George Washington University High Performance Computing Laboratory, Samy worked on the UPC programming language, heterogeneous computing, and multicore synchronization. Samy is also the founder of the Concurrency Kit project, which is part of the FreeBSD kernel and is used by several leading technology companies for scalability and performance. Samy serves on the ACM Queue Editorial Board.

Chris Saleski, Senior Alliance Marketing Manager, CloudBees

Chris Saleski is the CloudBees Sr. Alliance Marketing Manager, where he leads GTM programs with partners. Prior to this, he was Microsoft’s Partner Marketing Advisor in charge of leading co-marketing campaigns with big data, DevOps and cloud infrastructure partners in order to grow their businesses and bring their customers to the Microsoft Cloud. Prior to Microsoft, Chris was a Marketing Director for Intel, in charge of helping state-of-the-art software developers in HPC, gaming and content creation to optimize their applications for new and emerging hardware.